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Friendsgiving Party

Each year that Scott and I have been married we have hosted a Christmas Party for our friends. Scott has actually been doing this for many years before we met. This year one of our best friends who moved away last year would be in town for Thanksgiving so we moved our party to when they were in town. We had our first ever Friendsgiving! I got the house all decorated and got all of the trimmings of a Thanksgiving meal.

My friend Dawnia from Sign Gypsies here in Utah County even helped us make the party more festive with this awesome yard sign! I think everyone loved it!

Our home was warmed with their presence and it really got us to focus on what this time of year is all about, those we love. I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Each year so many stories are told, new memories are made and we get to enjoy the spirit of the season with close friends.

This was the only photo I got of the party! And it is just all the food!

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