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Follow Friday

Happy Friday!! I am so excited for this weekend. We have a full weekend planned. My Mother-In-Law had a birthday so we are doing a girls getaway. I am in charge of the craft, I can’t wait to show you the craft we are doing. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite people to follow.

  1. Nichole’s Fun Finds: Nichole has a few places you can follow her. (Instagram, Facebook Page, join her Facebook Group) Each day she posts amazing deals that she has found. On Fridays she has “Find it Friday” where you can post what you are looking for and she will find the best deals on it!

  2. Amber Lanning: I don’t remember exactly how I found Amber… But I am so glad I did. She is real. She is so funny. And she is one of the nicest people you will ever run in to. I adore her.

  3. Hunters & Heels: Lauren is so delightful to follow on Instagram. I found her via YouTube when I was expecting Oliver. I was looking up baby carriers and watched her video on it. I LOVE listening to her talk. She is in England, has 3 sweet boys, works for Bobbi Brown, and is so SWEET. She has the best attitude and is really fun.

  4. Andreea Ali: Makeup artist. Wife. Andreea lives in Paris (so of course I love watching her stories) and works as a makeup artist. Her husband Alex is a photographer. She has the coolest cat. And her tutorials have taught me SO MUCH about makeup. She has a YouTube channel as well.

That wraps up this Follow Friday list! I hope you enjoy all of them. Let me know if you do follow them and what you like about them. Happy Weekend!

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