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First day of HIGH School & Junior High

I am not sure I am ready for this. Yesterday was the first real day of school for Courtney and Alex. On Monday they got to go and meet their teachers and figure out their new schools. Claire starts Preschool next week, she gets to meet her teachers this week though.

Yesterday the donned their new clothes, packed their lunches and made their way to school. We live two blocks from the High School, so Courtney walked and I drove Alex to school.

I am so proud of these two. They have moved several times in their lives, they have always been adaptable at new schools. This year they start at new schools with old friends ready to make new friends. I cannot wait to see how this year goes for them.

Courtney is 16 and able to date. I can only hope that she is able to enjoy this time in her life and have fun!

Alex is 13 and a friend to everyone. I can’t wait for him to find new friends to hang out with and make memories.

Claire is starting preschool this year. She gets to go 4 days a week and I know she will love every minute of being with her friends. She is attending two different schools, two days each week and both are full of close friends for her. Scott is a little emotional about her starting, where I am so excited for her!

The big kids also have rock climbing twice a week this year. For the last two months they have gone and gotten so much stronger, gained confidence and made friends.

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