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Favorites Friday: Planning Edition

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

Last year I did a post all about organizing. And I covered all my calendars, which I still use the one from Calendar and Chores all the time. It’s the quick reference for everyone.

Like I said in my post about my new planner, I have been a Happy Planner user for years until I met Plum Paper. If you haven’t read that blog post, go read it.

I have a few staples that I use for my planner and writing notes in general. Pens and highlighters make my world go round. I found the Pilot Precise V5 RT pens via Pinterest a few years ago, and I have never looked back. They write so smooth. Especially with the paper in the Plum Paper Planner. I saw the rainbow pens at Walmart when I had ordered my new planner, so I had to have them.

These highlighters are still. my favorite. They are perfect for underlining or full on highlighting documents, they don’t bleed through, and the colors are so pretty. The cheapest I have found them is on, I haven’t seen them in stores for a while… Amazon has them for over $20 more!

If you need to get new pens and highlighters to go along with your. new 2020 planner, look no further!

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