Farmhouse American Flag

YEARS ago, like in the last 5 I saw an American Flag on Pinterest and fell in love. It was so perfectly imperfect. There was one thing holding me back from making this particular craft. It looked like it had been sewn. I haven’t really used my sewing machine in years. I have small children who require a lot of attention. They demand the attention.

And then, my friend Tess suggested we use a dowel rod to tie everything to. Hello! Why didn’t I think of that? And that is just what we did.

I had some left over red fabric, white fabric and some ribbon in red and cream and white. All I would need is a blue fabric with stars and some other ribbons to add more texture. I ran to Joann’s and I was in business. Tess came down with her kids and we got crafting.


We had to cut the fabric, the blue & star square is 9inX9in and the strips of fabric are 1 inch. The length of the pieces varies, but I think