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Entertaining at a Teen Party

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When I first started planning the End of Year party for my kids I thought “we will do dinner and start the movie, everyone will enjoy the food and then movie snacks.” I then remembered that it won’t really be dark enough for an outdoor movie for a little bit. In fact sunset was at 8:49pm. The party started at 6:30pm.

I searched my favorite search engine. Pinterest. I looked for teen party activities and found a bunch. But one that caught my eye was a Selfie Scavenger Hunt. I LOVED the idea. So I created my own that the kids could do around our neighborhood.

First we ate and as everyone settled down I introduced the Selfie Scavenger Hunt. I divided everyone in to 4 teams and gave them their scavenger hunt requirements. I decided to have a #hashtag go with the scavenger hunt. Off they went. I think everyone had a great time. I had treats for each team when they got back!

**While the kids were on their Selfie Scavenger Hunt we quickly cleaned up from dinner and then got the movie snacks and popcorn machine set up.**

We also have some fun NERF toys that have always been a big hit with the kids friends. The bow and arrows are the favorite. We have three of this set and two of this set. The boys all enjoyed this and the girls all sat and visited and watched them. This killed the rest of the time until the rain came and we moved the party inside. (Please excuse the tall grass around the fence, our edger died and the one that we replaced it with was the wrong kind and we have had like 18 days of rain in a row. It just wasn’t going to happen before we hosted the party!)

I wanted to share my Selfie Scavenger Hunt game with you all! You can download it and print to use at your own parties. All you have to do is click “download” below!

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