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End of Year: Behind the Party Scene

Throwing a party is one of my favorite things. I love having people over. I love making food to feed a crowd. I love the sound of chatter and people having fun around me. (as I am typing this, the party is happening and they are laughing at the movie, my heart is soaring) School ending this year is kind of a milestone. My oldest is on her way to the High School and my next one is on his way to the Junior High next year. I wanted to throw a party to kick off summer break!

I knew for the teen scene that it needed to be fun, it needed to have interesting things for them. I wanted the food to be teen approved. The movie needed to be teen and parent approved.

When I decided on hot dogs (easy, lots can be made, teen approved) for the meal I wanted to have a lot of toppings. We had chili, onions, cheese, mustard, bbq sauce, ketchup and relish. Everyone was pleased with all there was! I even found the cutest little hot dog trays. They were perfect, we didn’t waste a whole bunch of plates and they were super affordable.

My amazing neighbor lent us their projector and screen for the movie, a huge plus! (The weather in Utah however, leaves a lot to be desired.) The movie picked out is: Rocketman. Not the new one. But the older one from the 90s.

I wanted to create a seating for the movie that was more than just sitting on the ground. I saw the COOLEST pin on Pinterest and wanted to have it for the party. It was made with pallets and I had a further idea for the pallets that I will share in a post soon. I immediately got on the Facebook Marketplace to find pallets. And luck was on my side, I found pallets for FREE.

We made sure that there were more slats on one side of the pallets. Some of them we took from one side to put on the other. It was perfect. For the seating, we put 6 on the ground, then took another three and put those on top of three already on the ground to have to heights of seating.

To add a little more comfort to them we used those interlocking floor mats on top. I also brought up pillows and blankets for everyone to lean against and enjoy watching the movie. I would have photos of everything laid out, but as luck would have it the weather was not cooperating. It started raining so I was busy getting everything inside!

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