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Elements of a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is one of the easiest parties to plan! It is very straight forward and already has a flow to it. Let's go through each element and see why they are essential.


I love getting invites in the mail. Anything not relating to adulting is the best. As we have all become more digital there is something about physical invites that speaks volumes. However, it can get expensive. The cost of the invites, the printing, the postage, the getting lost in the mail. Thank goodness for e-invites! I love using Eventbrite and Evite. They both are phenomenal and have a wide range of options.


The wow-factor of a baby shower is the decor. It can range from neutrals to bright and bold to revealing the gender of the newest addition. I love balloon garlands at baby showers, they just go together.


Everyone remembers a party based on the food. I have said it before, you can have a mediocre party with amazing food and that will elevate it. You can have an amazing party with mediocre food and your party will go down in history as lame.

Depending on the time of your baby shower will affect the type of food served. Morning you can do a brunch, or go lite with fruits and a small dessert. Afternoon would call for veggies and rolls, dips and crackers. And evening can be all desserts.


Baby shower games can range from low-key to involved. It depends on you as the host and the mom-to-be. I personally love low-key shower games. I have always had luck with Etsy and printable games. They have so many that match any shower theme!

If the more involved games are your jam, go to town with the candy bar in a diaper game, the baby food tasting and so on.

Whatever you want to do, don't forget the prizes for winning the games. I love to do something simple like a small candle and chocolates.

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