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Documenting COVID-19

I like to document/storytell/scrapbook/journal. Whatever you want to call it. When the Corona Virus became a very real reality for the US, I thought about documenting it. And then I thought back to 9/11. I have a few journal entries from that time in history, but not a lot. I was just 18 and didn’t really think about it.

I love Persnickety Prints. I have had my photos printed there for years. Chari does an amazing job at the whole process, quality prints, amazing service, and she is so creative. When I saw that she was sharing how she was documenting the virus I knew I wanted/needed to. It has given me a small outlet to be creative.

And if you are still like, why would I document this? Let me bring up a few points. Have you read Anne Frank’s Diary? It is her personal account of what was happening in her life during her hiding. All we will have in the future about this time in history is our own words. It will tell the future of the personal struggles of real people during this time. Not just the facts; but the weird toilet paper hoarding, the strange feelings when you went to the store and the shelves were practically empty.

I ordered my journal from Persnickety with the dots paper. I also had been taking screen shots with news articles, the daily new COVID-19 counts, memes and a few other little things like emails. I printed those on to little collages from Persnickety. I could then cut small photos out to put in my journal.

Chari also made some journal prompts and graphics for free. My most favorite thing she did is timelines for each month. So far she has January, February and March. I had to do a little catching up but it was minimal. Now I am keeping current with entries a few times a week. I am going to continue to print up images and add them. I love the way my journal is turning out.

Are you documenting your personal history during this historic time?

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