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DIY Rainbow Garlands

As I was scrolling through PinterestA pin caught my eye. It was one of those that has video in it. I always get stuck watching them. Mesmerized by whatever is being created, cakes, hairstyles, crafts, food… As long as it is in time-lapse… Oh boy.

What I saw was the sweetest rainbow tassel, pom-pom garlands I ever did see.

I knew I had to make it.

So, a few days later I was hanging out with Alex on a Friday night… Actually I promised him that if he finished the first book in a series I would get him the next. He finished the first book within less than a week. So to save myself a trip I bought him the next two.

We stopped at Joann’s because I had a coupon for yarn and yarn is what I needed for this project. And like the good kid Alex is, he stood in the yarn aisle with me figuring out the right colors we needed to make this garland dream happen.

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

To be fair, I just need time. More time to get all the things made that I want to make. But this craft is SO EASY. I also ordered this pom-pom maker off of Amazon. I am converted! Oliver’s Birthday Party is going to be so cute with all the garlands I am making!

For the tassel garland I used the shorter end of a flap on an Amazon box to wrap my yarn around. I wrapped it about 40 times. I tried to keep count, but I think that I may have a few more or less either direction. I took my scissors and cut one end of the yarn. (This made it easy to get off the cardboard) and cut the strands in half. Next I folded the strands in half, tied it off with a little rubber hair tie and tied a little bit of yarn to hide the rubber band. Once I had all of the tassels made I used a sewing needle to pull a strand of yarn through the tops of the tassels. Voila! A cute tassel garland.

The pom-pom maker had a bit of a learning curve for me… Or maybe it’s because I had little hands trying to help me… But I love how these turned out! I made two of each color for the garland to make it a little bit bigger. And I think it turned out perfectly!

Now, who wants to come to the Ladies Craft Night to make your own garlands???

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