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Daily Journaling: French Kiss Life

Last month I was perusing Pinterest. And like always there was a pin about Paris. Or something French. This tends to be how my feed looks. Pinterest knows about my infatuation with France.

I clicked the link and it took me to a podcast. The French Kiss Life Podcast. I was so interested. So I subscribed and started to download episodes from the beginning. That day I happened to have a lot of driving happening. So I had the time to listen.

Over the course of several days I had listened to over 20 episodes. One stuck out to me. It was about a daily journal practice that the host does. I found the blog post on her website. And decided to start doing this every morning. I haven’t been perfect at doing it daily, but I have noticed how it has helped to change my perspective when I do. Now that we are in to a school routine and life has settled down I am hoping to be more consistent with this style of journaling.

Do you journal? Do you have a daily routine for journaling? What helps you to focus on positives and feel goods?

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