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I am fairly new to the podcast scene. I mean, I had listened to a few podcast episodes, and even followed Modern Photo Solutions podcast. But there was this whole world of podcasts I had NO idea about before.

It started back in November when the Cold podcast started. I was interested in this particular one because I am from Washington. I had some geographical ties to the podcast. I even had some first hand experiences with the case. No, I didn’t know the Powells. However, I had seen the explosion. If you know the story you know what explosion I am talking about.

The next podcast I added to my list was Serial. I had heard about it and wanted something to fill my time between the Cold releases. The first season is about a murder in Maryland. The second season is about Bo Bergdahl. I haven’t gotten in to the third season as much. The season one topic has kind of made its way into my brain and I have started listening to Undisclosed to keep up on the happenings of the case.

I just downloaded The Drop Out. I heard about it from another blogger and I am excited to listen but scared at the same time. If you have listened to it, tell me your thoughts!

One day I was with my son Alex driving to an eye appointment when we found The Weirdest Things I Learned This Week podcast. It is by some writers at Popular Science magazine. We have learned a lot of random, weird and funny things from them! We love it.

My sweet friend Nichole introduced me to The Joyful Soul Project podcast. I listen to it while I am on the elliptical at the gym. It is SO empowering and enlightening. I love it.

Another fun one I am listening to is Cultivate a Good Life by Becky Higgins and Becky Proudfit. Such a good uplifting thing to listen to.

I know I have a weird mix of what I am listening to, but I listen to them all at different times and for different reasons. Also, are any of you going to the Cold Podcast thing in May? I kind of want to go. Maybe we could go together?

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