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Cultivated Memories

I wanted to share a little about our holiday season here. It was so much fun for my family and I. I decided around the middle of December that I was going to give myself grace and not worry about getting blog posts ready. I wanted to focus on be present. I wanted to enjoy myself and not be stressed about self imposed blog posting.

We had the last week of school, and then it was Christmas break. We took time to run errands, Courtney got time with her boyfriend daily. Scott and I had decided back at the end of September to do a trip for Christmas. We got tickets and reservations for Disneyland. Our hotel was booked. I ordered everyone Disney shirts for them to open Christmas morning. We got sweatshirts and road trip snacks ready to go.

I asked my mom to crochet a Mickey Mouse garland for us to hang up along with the sign that said "Disneyland or Bust!" I ordered customizable tickets from Pretty Cutie Design to hang up as well. Even down to the wrapping paper, everything was Disney.

Early the next morning we got up and drove all the way to Anaheim from our house. It was not without event. What should have taken around 10 hours turned in 15! First we had some snowfall and ended up stuck with everyone else in a mountain pass. It took us 5.5 hours to drive what usually takes us 3.5! After that weather issue we had clear skies, but not clear roads. As we were driving through a canyon I saw a car hit the median and flip on to the passenger side. I told Scott to pull over. No one else pulled over to help. Scott helped the people in the car, made sure they were at least not bleeding or needing immediate assistance, turned off their car and got everyone to a safe spot. There was no reception where we were. Thankfully someone had driven down and called 911.

After that the worst we saw was 90 minutes to drive 11 miles.

Disneyland was so much fun! Oliver and Claire were in heaven. Alex was having a blast and Courtney was happy to watch the little kids enjoy the experience. We had some rain and a lot of fun in the hotel.

One of the sweetest things of my life happened on this trip. If you follow along over on Instagram, you may have seen my highlight bubble about Courtney's hips. At Disneyland is fairly easy for Courtney to have episodes. Claire hasn't really seen an episode or realized it was happening with Courtney. Until we were leaving the first day. I stopped under the little tunnel (if one can call it a tunnel) at the opening of Disneyland with Courtney so she could rest. I told Scott to keep going with the kids and we would meet him out at the drop off/pick up when he came back with the car.

Our stroller is an UppaBaby Cruz and we have what they call a Piggy-Back scooter on the back. It's a little piece that you can lower and has a couple of wheels on it for an older kid to stand on. Claire saw Courtney struggling and said she wanted Courtney to ride on it. My heart swelled with pride. She saw a need and did what she could to help her sister.

The next morning Claire wanted to say a small prayer just for Courtney, she asked me to come with her in the bathroom so no one would hear. And I cried. How amazing that she is thinking of her sister! And again that day, while Courtney was struggling she gave up her spot so Courtney could ride.

The greatest memory I know we will have of this trip is the time we spent together and the fun we had hanging out.

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