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Cultivate Traditions: St. Patrick's Day

As a mom I love having traditions for little holidays. It is not necessary, but I love giving my kids fun things to celebrate and have fun. On Pinterest you can find all sorts of things to make this fun. Here is a roundup of ideas for you!

Lucky Charms - I always buy each kid their own box and leave it out for them to have in the morning.

Green Milk - This is one I haven't tried because green milk takes my appetite away. But I have friends who dye their milk green claiming the Leprechauns did it!

Leprechaun Trap - Make leprechaun traps as a fun activity with your kids. Leave them out the night before St. Patrick's day to see if you can catch one. I will do this and then leave little gold coins and a note in the trap saying "better luck next time"

Rainbow Decor - Anything rainbow, green or clover will work for today. I used to do rainbow jello for my kids desserts, but it is so time consuming I may not do it this year.

Gold Coins - I will put a little bag of gold coins outside of each of my kids bedroom doors so they have a treat from the leprechauns when they wake up!

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