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Creating A Summer Routine

Now that schools are getting out in the next few weeks I have noticed a trend of getting a summer routine going. I am such a routine person that this sits well with me. I love my school year routine so much because it is super predictable. I also love a summer routine because it has predictability but also time for so many fun things. We can decide to go to a splash pad, park or the local pool and still get everything done at home that we need to.

Here are my top tips for your summer routine:

Plan Out

Plan out everything that needs to happen, daily, weekly and monthly. This includes your chores, appointments, vacations, self-care, service and anything else that you want.


I like to do a block schedule in the summer. Mine is usually morning, afternoon and evening. At our house everyone (aside from the teens) is up and ready for the day by 8:30 so that block naturally starts then. Our afternoon routine starts at 1pm which is after lunch. And then the evening begins at 6. During our blocks I have set aside time to prepare and eat our meals. That way I know that I am unavailable then. Most mornings we go to the park, we live in the desert and it gets hot fast. And hot slides are my least favorite thing. Afternoons are reserved for the pool and splash pads. Evenings we spend time in the backyard and taking baths.

Bucket List

Each year at the end of the school year we sit down and talk with the kids about what they want to do this summer and create a bucket list. I then try to schedule a couple of things off of that list each week. It is a fun goal that the kids really enjoy and keeps us from getting too stuck inside in the heat.

Join me on Wednesday's post to learn how to set up your routine!

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