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Closet Makeover: Bathroom Edition

Updated: May 14, 2021

This post almost didn’t happen. I kept putting it off. And then. I got sick. But not really sick. But I had a virus. Not Corona. Shingles. Let me tell you something. Shingles is no joke. I would rather give birth 100 times over without pain medication.

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I have this pain point in my bathroom. The closet. It holds all the stuff. Towels, sheets, medicine, shower stuff, travel toiletries (some how we have millions of those tiny bottles, but they are useful!), nail stuff and makeup. This closet gets cleaned and organized often because of the nature of it. I don’t know that I can tell you the last time I did a big overhaul on it though.


I took everything out of the closet. I used my laundry hampers to contain it all if it wasn’t in a bin. Everything went on my bed. I wiped off all the shelves and cleaned the floor. Then the great purge of 2021 happened.


I went through everything in the closet. I got rid of the majority of the shampoos and conditioners I had. I have streamlined my hair routine and don’t really need to keep as much. I threw out things that were nearly gone. It wasn’t worth keeping it. I had some makeup that wasn’t getting use and there was no reason to store it anymore.

Then came the time to organize it in the new bins I purchased from Walmart. I wanted to do pink in there to keep it light, but I couldn’t find the ones I saw online that were supposed to be in store. Which is OK. Everyone is getting things organized and needing bins.

I want to address the amount of travel toiletries we have. It’s a lot. However, my older kids travel frequently to visit their dad, we take quick weekend trips to visit our friends a few hours away and to visit some family a few hours away. They are also helpful for when we have guests here that forget something. Then they don’t have to worry! If you don’t have a few extras, I say grab the extras from the hotel when you stay there.


I re-rolled all of the towels we have… And after that I am now questioning the amount of towels we have. YEARS ago I read in Real Simple magazine that rolling them would take up less space in your closet. And it is for sure true. It also makes it easy to remove towels without disturbing the others.

Everything is back in the closet and it looks a million times more organized. I love it. We can find things, we know what we have and how much.

Who wants a towel rolling tutorial?


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