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Christmas Gift Guide – Him

Is anyone like me and finding the man in your life Christmas Gifts to be impossible?

In the past a theme for my gifts has always been my go to.  So each gift relates back to a certain thing/idea.  One year it was photography, another year it was shaving stuff, I think one time I didn’t do a theme and that was the HARDEST shopping year.  I am going to divide up my guides in to a couple of themes for you.   This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on my link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.

For the Tech Guy

Ear Pods: I know Apple has corner on the market with AirPods. But there are other great ones that may not cost as much leading to less tears when/if one gets lost!

Tape Measure: This might seem like it should be for the DIY guy, but when the tape measure displays digitally what the measurement is… It is for the Tech Guy.

Phone Stand: This is perfect for him to set at his desk during the work day! He will be able to see his phone and all incoming information when it comes in.

For the Guy Who Likes to Groom

Dollar Shave Club: Get him a subscription for the Dollar Shave Club. Automatically sends out new razor blades without having to think about it.

Birchbox Man: Each month you get a box that is perfectly tailored to your guy. It will have samples of skin care, beard supplies, to hair styling essentials. It is a great way for him to try new things and maybe find something that he loves.

Art of Shaving: Right after Scott and I got married we stopped in Art of Shaving in the mall. Immediately he was intrigued with a better way to shave. I bought him the starter kit for Christmas that year. He loves having the brush to apply his shave cream because it lifts the hairs so he gets a closer and better shave. I got him the Unscented kit since he has sensitive skin. It lasted him for over a year and we were able to just replace the specific pieces as we needed them.

For the Guy Who Likes Something Different

Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags: When I first saw these I was so grossed out. But my son LOVES grilled cheese. I hope he likes the bags to make it faster and easier to clean up!

PhoneSoap Charger: This is a charger that also uses UV lighting to sanitize your phone while it charges. Take that cold and flu season!

Luggage Packing Cubes: When we saw these, both Scott and I thought they were genius. They are. When we head out of town everything is neatly organized. Even if it is just for a quick overnight trip. It also allows you to separate dirty clothes for the trip home!

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