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Christmas Breakfast Menu

This year for Christmas we are spending dinner with my In-Laws.  My parents are in Germany visiting my brother and eating delicious foods.  I might be a little jealous.  Our big kids are in Seattle for the holiday, so it is just the 4 of us for a Christmas Breakfast this year.  I love cooking on the holidays.  It is a love language of mine.  

This menu looks like a lot of food, but the great thing about each piece of it is that we can adjust the recipe to make a small amount and still have a lot of variety! 

Scott has made crepes as long as I have known him. After we visited Paris last year we became more in love with them.  We love to have a few fillings to choose from with our crepes. 

I make the biscuits and gravy.  I make my homemade biscuits, for the gravy I use two different flavors of sausage which I think gives it an amazing taste.  

I also can make cinnamon rolls from scratch, but to save time and create more quality time with my family, I buy premade that all I have to do is bake and put the icing on. 

What are you making for Christmas Breakfast? 

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