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Christkindle Market Date Night

Last year we took the kids up to Salt Lake City for the Christkindl Markt. It was gorgeous. The food was amazing. The little shops were quaint. Everything was great until it wasn’t. That is when the snow started to dump.

The drive home last year was white knuckle driving, as we drove home we talked about how next year we were coming sans kids.

A grainy photo, but I still wouldn’t change it for the memories.

So we did just that! Scott and I drove up to the market on Friday night and walked around the sweet market holding hands, not worrying about where the kids were and enjoyed being just the two of us.

I was able to purchase more candles for the German Christmas Pyramid my mom brought back from Germany for me. I can’t wait to put it up and watch it go… I just haven’t yet for the same reason I don’t have ornaments on the tree this year. (Oliver, I am looking at you!)

We even found a gift for Courtney while we were there. If you are local to Utah I would highly recommend going next year. It is usually the first weekend of December.

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