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Charcuterie Board Masterclass

Have you ever been scrolling through Pinterest and seen a beautiful display for a giant board filled with cheeses, meats, crackers, dips, veggies?

No? Just me? Hahahah… I know it isn’t just me. Because they are so gorgeous!

I didn’t know how to pronounce the word “charcuterie” for a long time. But those lovely displays are called charcuterie boards. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Last month I got to be party of a fun class of people learning to make one. (I totally wanted to write charcuterie board again…) I learned so much about finessing the layout to be more visually appealing and how to adjust things to be so pretty. I learned what not to put together and what works on a charcuterie board.

Would you be interested in learning how to put a charcuterie board together?

When we started I was super excited to see how it laid out, and I loved that I learned to lay things like cheese and meats out before actually unwrapping them! Genius.

This allows you to kind of see how things will flow together and make sure there is some symmetry on the board. See the video below to see how this all came together. And don’t worry about food touching!

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