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Celebrating Birthdays in Quarantine

Last week we celebrated not one, but TWO birthdays at our home. It was a little weird. It was really hard not to host the parties for all the people.

I haven’t talked a ton about Scott’s birthday… but it was a big one. Milestone for sure. I was planning this whole shindig. It was going to be a surprise birthday party. Delicious food (food is how I show love), all his friends, creating new memories and having a blast.

Instead his birthday started with me getting up with the kids so he could sleep in. I hurriedly got the balloon garland up that I had made the night before and hid in Courtney’s room so he wouldn’t find it. I started making biscuits and gravy for breakfast. He was so excited to get all the fun gifts, the decor, the hugs and loves from all the kids. Lunch was an assortment of dips, shrimp and cheese and crackers. For dinner I grilled steaks that I had been marinating all day and made the crispiest skinned baked potatoes.

I think Scott felt loved. There were decorations, we ate all the best foods and spent time together. The day ended with a walk just the two of us.

Oliver turned 2 and he was going to have the cutest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party “Oh Twodles”… We were going to have all the friends wear Mickey Mouse ears, a Hot Diggity Dog bar, a few little Mickey Mouse games and treats!

We still decorated with a giant balloon garland in red, black, white and yellow. He got all the presents, ate off Micky Mouse plates and was spoiled with all the fun loves. We had a Hot Diggity Dog bar that wasn’t as elaborate, delicious cup cakes from my “Birthday Quarantine” box that I got from Carly! That box was super fun, I still have some treats to use at future parties, I am going to have a post up all about it soon!

I would say that these birthday’s while they were what I had envisioned were so perfect for us. It kept them small, intimate and gave us time that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.


  1. Decorate! Go ALL out. Do the big balloons, have the streamers, throw confetti (you need something to do tomorrow anyway)

  2. Food! Make all the delicious food you would go out to eat. It keeps the day special and allows each person to feel loved because they still get to enjoy their favorites.

  3. Attention! Make sure the guest of honor gets to have as much (or as little) attention as they want!

What have you done for birthday’s during quarantine?

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