Caprese 3 Ways

When I think of summer… WHERE IS SUMMER, UTAH?! I am still dreaming of summer. We are barely getting to 80 and it is the middle of JUNE. Usually by now we are in the 90s. Pool time has been short and far between. Where is summer?

I digress. When I think of summer it usually means less cooking in the kitchen and more BBQs and cool, easy meals. Usually we have spent most of the afternoon at the pool and get home at dinner time. I need something easy to throw together that will satisfy all the hunger. And then I do something equally as easy for Scott and I that the kids probably won’t like. Like Caprese.

Traditional Caprese

I love traditional Caprese. It isn’t heavy, it is filling and it is super fast! I buy a basil plant every spring so that we have fresh basil for whenever we crave Caprese. I have also found that there is presliced FRESH mozzarella cheese. Time and life saver. We usually have Roma tomatoes around, so our meal is instant. I drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar glaze on top of mine.

Caprese Grilled Chicken