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Camping 101: Lessons Learned

It has been a fun filled summer for our family!

Before COVID-19 hit we were planning a big camping trip for spring break. We purchased a new tent, air mattress, sleeping bags. We had all of the things. And we didn’t get to go. As things opened back up I thought we should do something while the big kids were in Hawaii, so Scott took some days off of work.

One Sunday in June Scott and I were on a walk. When I said “we should go camping this weekend” So we did. And we just got back on Sunday from our first originally planned camping trip.

I wanted to share a few things I learned with camping! I hope they can help you out.

  1. Kids will get DIRTY: I really don’t love dirt. But kids do. Claire and Oliver became accustomed to baby wipes baths.

  2. Set up a kitchen: The first time Scott and I camped together as a family I was a wreck. I didn’t plan it, and that wasn’t what I needed. So now, we have dish washing bins, a drying rack, plates, bowls, silverware, towels, a pop-up garbage can and all the odds and ends. It makes camping so much easier for us. I have everything in one Rubbermaid tote for the kitchen. We set up a couple of tables and we are good to go.

  3. Go with friends: This summer each camping trip we have gone on has been with friends. They have kids our kids ages so instant entertainment.

  4. Plan Meals Ahead: When we plan our meals we can reuse ingredients for future meals. It is like Jordan’s shelf-cooking.

  5. Get a tent that is going to fit your family and your stuff: We have a HUGE tent. Our family of 6 comes with 6 people, 6 sleeping bags, 6 bags of stuff. We also needed the space to change, walk around and relax.

Do you enjoy camping? Do you have any tips and tricks for me?

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