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Breast Cancer and the Beast

As I sat down to write this blog post I wanted a catchy title... And for the first time in the history of my writing career I took to the internet. Apparently there are blog title generators. You put in a key word and it comes up with "great" titles for you. I typed in Breast Cancer and it gave me the funniest ideas.

  • Why Breast Cancer is Better Than Peanut Butter on Pancakes

  • 13 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About Breast Cancer

  • 10 Breast Cancers Trending in Fashion Now

So there we have it. Random titles with Breast Cancer. I feel like it could be a Jeopardy answer. And stay tuned for some fun MERCHANDISE on sale for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (bottom of the post)

This month is October, in case you forgot. And it happens to be Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is something so dear to me. My mother had breast cancer and her mother had breast cancer. All within the last 20 years.

I had my first mammogram last year (2020) that was quickly followed by an ultrasound. This year I had my mammogram that was quickly followed by an appointment with a breast cancer specialist. I am now being monitored for breast cancer every 6 months. Mammogram, 6 months later MRI, 6 months later mammogram. So I will be having an MRI next month.

Today I went in for an ultrasound on my breasts and arm pits. I have some other things happening, but very swollen lymph nodes is something we needed to look at. And todays ultrasound took over an hour. The first went quickly, she left to have it read by the radiologist. When she came back she needed to take more images. My arm pits have never been so photographed. She left again to consult with the radiologist and it was determined that I have very prominent lymph nodes there. (I will share more about this later. Promise)

I want to share a few resources for you my lady readers! (And if you have a woman in your life close to you, share it with her.)

  1. Know Your Lemons - They have an app, virtual courses and live classes. I am so excited about this.

  2. Breast Cancer Resources - This is by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Lots of good information as well.

  3. Self-Exams - Do them. Every month.

I have had mammograms, and while they are uncomfortable they are not painful. Please be serious about your breast health. I wish they would start younger than 40 for women so we can establish a baseline for our health. They wouldn't have to be yearly, but what if each woman had a mammogram at 18, 20 and then after the birth of each child to follow changes and then started yearly at 35. I feel like I would have had more control over my health and known more. Knowledge is definitely power and the more history you have the better decisions can be made.

If you ever have questions about breast cancer, mammograms, ultrasounds or anything I am here. I want to support you in your journey.

And on to some fun stuff. I love the color pink. I don't know if you knew that. But I do. And one of my most favorite company is having a sale RIGHT now for everything pink. I got on to see what there is that I don't currently have, and there were two things. A lip gloss and the eye shadow palette. So I got them. (there are a couple colors I don't have because they are a little too warm for me)

Here are the things I have that are in the Think Pink collection on sale for 20% off with code THINKPINK

  • Lip Velvet: Belle and Serendipity

  • Lip Gloss: Dedicated, Admired, Lively, Goals, Cultivate, Good Life, Bloom and Awesome (yes, I have all of these. I bought Dedicated today)

  • Lip Liner: Loyal and Best

  • Blush: Independent (wear it every day!)

  • Eye Shadow: This palette is so pretty I can't wait to wear it tomorrow (Today when you read it, check out my stories).

There are other things on sale, but I don't have need for them currently. And I LOVE that Shine is donating to the Susan G Komen Foundation when you purchase an item.

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