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Blogilates: 28 Day Summer Sculpt

Back at the end of July I decided to start the 28 Day Summer Sculpt Challenge by Blogilates. That was after I met her and had the opportunity to workout with her personally. Holy moly it was a good workout.

I didn’t want to share this photo because it is most unflattering of me. But it is such a sweet memory for me!

I like the idea of having a challenge for a length of time. That way I feel like I have a commitment and I know what to do for my workout.

This challenge did not disappoint. I loved that it was the same workout each day of the week. I knew what to expect after the first week. When I got in to further weeks I felt like I had a good grasp on how to do each move the proper way. I can still feel the burn of some of the exercises when I think about them.

My favorite was Saturday stretching. I have NEVER been so close to doing the splits that I can remember. If I skipped a day for a random reason I would make it up the next day.

I did not workout on Sundays. That day I rest, reset myself and and give it to my family.

Pilates is becoming a favorite way to workout for me. My body is stronger, it is low impact (I have had 4 kids friends, low impact is a need) and I love that I work hard and don’t sweat a ton. I hate having sweaty hair because I hate washing my hair.

If you haven’t tried pilates, I would highly recommend working out with Cassie!

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