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Behind the Scenes Table Transformation

When I found pallets for FREE on Facebook Marketplace I was so excited. I had big plans to make outdoor seating for our end of the school year party with them. And I knew I was going to repurpose them again in to a table. I just had to get Scott to catch the vision. And he did, but he made it BETTER. I am seriously in love with how he does that. That’s my marriage advice. Find someone who takes your dreams and makes them better.

I was thinking, oh let’s just find a way to connect a couple pallets together and add legs to have a cool table. Scott was thinking, let’s take the wood and make a table top that is super unique.

We have a backyard party this week that I wanted a big backyard table for people to eat at, and this is going to be perfect. Monday night started with Scott figuring out his process for removing the slats from the pallets. He turned the pallet upside down and then raised it up on blocks. Using another block he got close to the edge and center supports, while holding it on top of the slat he used the hammer to hit the block and force the slat to come off of the supports.

We figured out about how long and how wide the table was going to be based on the wood we had available. Then on Tuesday Scott took the day off and totally surprised me. I was sitting on the floor reading books to Claire and Oliver when Claire exclaims “That’s my dad!” and pointed outside. Sure enough my amazing husband is bringing wood to the backyard to make my ideas a reality!

I love watching Scott work on projects. He is super creative and has a drive to complete everything he starts. I love that he is willing to support my dreams and ideas and do what he can to make them come true.

Scott got (3) 4×6 pieces of wood to be the legs of the table. But we only used two and returned the other. He also got (4) 2x4x12 and (4) 2x4x8 pieces of wood to be the supports under the table top. For the life of me I can’t remember how many of these we were able to return. To make the base, the tops of the legs were cut to house the 2×4 pieces of wood in them and make the base as solid as possible. The width of the table is around 45 inches and the length is nearly 11 feet. It is not a small table at all! I think we can seat 14 at the table with 6 on each side and one at each end.

I cannot wait to decorate this table for our party on Friday! I am dreaming of mason jars filled with baby’s breath and candles. Or maybe fresh cut roses from our rose bushes.

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