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Back 2 Business Set-Up

A few weeks ago was my Back 2 Business event. It went AMAZING. I know that everyone learned something new to implement in to their business and I can’t wait to see where they go!

Setting up for the event was HOT. So HOT. It was humid the sun was blazing. The warehouse we held the event didn’t have a/c. I was melting out of my skin.

I even had a vendor back out at the last minute. So frustrating. But I think that everything turned out perfectly! So we had 2 clothing boutiques, a jewelry company, two makeup artists and a photographer!

I wanted to have a selfie photo spot so I ordered a fun balloon arch off of amazon along with a pump to blow up the balloons. Thankfully Carly came and put it together for me. I had never done one before. This part turned out perfectly.

Each of the vendors had a place to set their stuff up and I loved the backdrop for the makeup artists.

For food I kept it simple, sweet and salty. I picked up mixed nuts, pretzels, m&m’s and fudge covered Oreos. We had water to drink. Like I said, simple.

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