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All Things Breasts: The Ultrasound

It was a crazy Monday morning… If you are following along with this story, let me give some background for this day. I have another mini-series “I Stopped Washing My Hair” that began at the same time. Sunday was Mother’s Day. My scalp started having problems (read about it HERE). I had an appointment set up for the dermatologist that Monday afternoon.

My mom was stopping by that morning for something. I couldn’t even tell you what now. But just before she got to my house I got a call. From the hospital. There was some alarming things on my right breast that they wanted to do an ultrasound on. Remember, my right breast is also the breast that had discharge come out during the mammogram.

It was a good thing I was alone in my room. While she was talking to me, I laid down on the floor and curled up. I remember finishing the conversation with as normal of a voice as I could. They wanted to see me that afternoon.

I called Scott. And before I could say anything I burst in to sobs and squeaked out that there was something alarming on my mammogram and I needed to go back. My mom walked in my room and found me on the floor. I don’t really remember much. Scott came home. My mom was going to help with my kids. We were leaving. The drive to the hospital felt like forever.

I was getting my ultrasound done and the first spot was found right away. The tech said it could be a lymph node. The second spot was hard to find. I think I spent an hour getting an ultrasound. Of course the radiologist had to read it and I wouldn’t know anything until it was read.

At my follow up appointment my doctor said it was benign. I don’t know how anyone could know it was benign without doing a biopsy.

I don’t know how to trust this. My moms breast cancer in BOTH of her breasts wasn’t caught by mammogram or ultrasound. In fact some of her cancer was right next to the first tumor they took out! I still have such dark feelings surrounding the whole thing.

However, I went in to that follow up armed with information from my insurance company on how I could get genetic testing done. I needed to know if I carried the BRCA gene. If there is a way to prevent my family from having to to go through taking care of me during breast cancer I will do it.

After lots of phone calls and faxing paperwork, I finally got the pre-authorization for the BRCA genetic testing to be 100% covered by my insurance company!

Next month we should hopefully know the results and I am excited to share this journey with you.

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