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A Sweet 16 Pool Party

I think that Courtney has been planning her birthday party since Christmas! The idea changed around 54,678 times over the course of a few months. But we finally had the idea nailed down. She really wanted a party that her dad could be at, and he lives overseas. But he was going to be in the country for the month of June. It worked out perfectly.

We decided to have a pool party where everyone could come and play in the water. That gave us the activity. At first Courtney had lofty goals for food. A party planner at heart that I love. She wanted to do a pig. Yep, roast a pig. I was struggling to figure out a way to say no… When Scott said “if you help dig the hole to roast the pig we will do a pig.” That quickly ended that discussion and we decided on pizza since it was easy and everyone would love it.

Next was a cake. Courtney wanted something close to a luau theme. Oh my. That was so open ended and there was a lot of searching on Pinterest. She finally settled on the watermelon pineapple cake. I think it turned out amazing. However, the cake started sinking and leaning. My husband, Scott, called the bakery and they told us to put it in the freezer to get it solid to prevent more sinking.

In the end we had a lot of kids who had a fun afternoon and evening swimming and eating typical teen foods!

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