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A Month of Recovery

I didn't realize how burned out, behind and disorganized I have been. I haven't had my normal routine since April. And this month I really focused on getting it back. I still worked out most days, at least 5 a week. I kept up with everything, just felt scattered. My planner wasn't used as much as it normally is. Checklists went un-checked. All of it was so exhausting.

This last month my goal has been to focus time with my family, play with friends, celebrate everything, relax, workout more, prepare for the upcoming school year and breathe.

July has my favorite holiday. We took it easy this year. I had just completed my last wedding for the block of time. My in-laws were sick and we didn't want to get sick since we were going on a CRUISE, so we didn't get to spend time with them.

Scott and I got away for a trip just the two of us for the first time since 2017! We took our first cruise. It was quick, it was fun and much needed time for us to spend focusing on our marriage. One thing I was talking to my dear friend, Sadie, about was... Spend as much time working on your marriage each day as you do planning your wedding.

We camped. We swam so much. We made a ton of fun memories. I feel ready to take on August!

Next month I have 3 weekends of weddings, the first day of school, sending my oldest to college and planning the rest of this year's weddings!

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