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A Little Weekend Shopping

Today is the official start to the holiday shopping season! I am so not the type to get up really early and hit the stores. Don’t get me wrong, the deals are amazing. For me sleep is my best friend right now. Oliver wakes up once maybe twice at night, and it still kicks my tail! I know each store has their Black Friday ads and you have probably already seen them!

I want to talk about tomorrow. Small Business Saturday. I have compiled a list of fun small businesses that are by amazing women.

Maskcara: This makeup line was developed by Cara to make putting on makeup easy, fast and affordable. My dear friend Shannon is a makeup artist for Maskcara. Shannon has a fun group on Facebook. She plays bingo each week, has great giveaways and is always up for a makeover. I met up with Shannon on Monday for a makeover. It was SO MUCH FUN. We played with the holiday color: Ever Red. It is the most perfect red for blush. Go check it out here.

doTERRA: I live in the land of doTERRA. Literally, I live on the same street as doTERRA’s headquarters. I have tried oils, I have given oils the side eye. When Shantelle reached out to me about their holiday oil blends I was so excited! And boy, they smell amazing. The two I have been diffusing are Holiday Peace and Holiday Joy. I like them both for different reasons. Holiday Peace is more relaxing with its pine scent. And Holiday Joy is more energizing with it’s spice scent. It just depends on the mood I need in my home that day!

ColorStreet: The idea of having my nails done, but not having to wait for dry time and risk getting them chipped sounded AMAZING. When I got my first set of ColorStreet from Domenica I knew I would bee hooked. She sent me THE cutest set. I did paint a couple of my nails a basic glitter free color and then the glitter nails are ColorStreet. If you have loved being able to have your nails done, but hated dry time and chipping go try ColorStreet!

Jayne Samantha: This shop has the SWEETEST nightgowns for little girls. Claire LOVES her nightgowns a lot. When I saw this one I knew it was perfect for her. I took photos of Claire in the nightgown, I cannot find them anywhere! As an added bonus Jayne Samantha is giving my readers 25% off of their purchases now through December 10th. Just use the coupon code: STRAWBERRYSALE. Hurry over and get your little girl a darling new nightgown for Christmas!

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