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A Little Life Update

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Hi, Friends. I am so glad you are here and supporting me in my little endeavor.

If you are following me on the Instagram, you may have seen that last month I had my sweet little niece with me. And in case you didn't know, I did. My sister had a sweet little boy Cole in August. And that kind of turned in to a lot of medical issues. I urged my mom to get a ticket and go up there to help. She did and while she was there my sister ended up back in the hospital. It was decided to have my niece come home with my mom and stay in Utah with us and her other grandparents until the next person went to Alaska. I was so happy I could do something to help my sister who is so far away from us. And it was so sweet to see the relationships with my kids and my niece get deeper and more fun. I loved that Oliver couldn't see her without telling her he loved her and kissing her cheek.

Also in September, around the beginning I felt like I had something in my throat. You know that feeling when you swallow a pill and it sits and the slowly makes it way down? Yeah. Like that. Except it didn't slowly go down. I have had some other symptoms like my lymph nodes under my arm on the same side swelling and swelling across that side of my chest. So I finally made an appointment. I went to that appointment and I have the best doctor who looked at me in the eyes and said "your concerns are my concerns and we will investigate them" (Literally crying typing this out.). He sent an order for blood tests and ultrasounds. One ultrasound on my neck and the other on my breasts and under arm. I got a call from the referral office and they could do my neck ultrasound the next day. So I went. The breast one is done at the hospital with a different type of machine and is next week.

As I got the ultrasound I saw out of the corner of my eye the tech turn her head in a questioning way and say "hmmmm"... And I knew there was something there that she could see. I mean, I know something is there. It annoys me when swallowing. It annoys me when not. It is just there. I got a call on Monday that there is a solid nodule on my thyroid right where I said there was something. It is 1 x .5 x .6 cm in size, wider than it is tall and solid meaning there is no fluid in it. I have been trying to avoid getting on Google and seeing every scary thing out there. I do have an appointment with an ENT next week and hopefully we can come up with a game plan.

It's been weeks of living with it. I am still doing everything I normally do, but crash each night. I don't complain when I don't feel well. When I don't feel well, I get quiet, I just push through. However I am tired. I am not 100% and I am sure I will be soon.

There you have it. I am here, I am good, I am tired. I will keep you updated.

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You’re incredible! Keep up the faith and you’re in my prayers.

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