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A Dream

Once upon a time I was a single mom. I had two little kids, worked full time, was dog tired. And I was lonely.

I tried that whole online dating thing thinking that it wasn't going to be for me. However, I didn't have other options at all. Read the above paragraph.

When the message landed in my inbox I was a little floored. How was this cute guy even remotely interested in me. Seriously.

And then I started to message him back. This went on and on for a bit, and we talked on the phone. Then we met, dated, fell in love, got married, had babies and now we are on a crazy adventure called life together.

When I met Scott he was working on an idea. He always has projects going on. Whether it is something I want to do in the house, something he has in his ming. He is always thinking and dreaming.

Scott has currently created a mock up (ie. High level concept, very skeleton preview) for a potential service app.

Before proceeding with finding funding, he wants feedback to see if this is something people see the benefit of and want or would use. This feedback will help him in trying to talk me into being ok with another idea.

With that said, Scott is willing to do a raffle for a gift card. 1-25 reviews is a $20 gift card and 26-50 reviews is a $50 gift card. 100+ reviews he will give away a $75 gift card.

If you have time, would you go through his mock up and fill out his short survey.

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