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A Day In The Life: Organized

I have always been a routine kind of person. If I think back, WAY back, I was in elementary school. I remember getting up and getting myself ready for school, walking to school, and then everything after school.

Let me share my day with you.

Early Morning Block

5:50am : Alarm goes off. Get up, change in to workout clothes. Workout.

7am: Shower and get ready for the day. This includes getting the little kids dressed and ready to go as well. In the summer I am making sure I put sunscreen all over them and myself so that I don't have to worry when we head outside.

9am: Clean up anything that needs tidying. Wiping counters, doing dishes, vacuuming

Mid Morning - Early Afternoon Block

10am: Get outside, even to the back yard. We live in the desert and it's hot. I use this time if we are in the back yard to work on my computer after I water the garden.

11:45am: Get lunches made

12:30pm: Get kids ready for whatever afternoon activities we have. It could be a pool afternoon, quiet play at home, or going with friends. We still need to get ready to go. If we are staying home I get a few things out for them to play with (it is rare that they stick to it. it usually ends in a lot of whining and me getting frustrated.).

Mid-Afternoon Block

4pm: Tidy up the house.

4:30pm: Start making dinner (or thinking about what I should be making for dinner.) or plan where we are eating out because cereal for the third day in a row won't work. In the summer I am more lax with dinners. It's hot. No one really wants to eat in the heat.

5:30pm: Dinner

Evening Block

6pm: Clean up and kids spend time with dad.

7pm: Oliver to bath and bed.

7:30pm: Claire to bath and bed.

8pm: Finish putting house to bed. And spend time with Scott. Or at a meeting.

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