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A Concrete Entry Table

Remember when I said that my entry table is my favorite? It is my favorite because Scott built it.  For me.  I feel super grateful to have a husband who loves having projects to do.

The entry table is a heavy piece of furniture, both in weight and visually. The top of the table is a 2 inch concrete slab. In order to hold the concrete (about 160 pounds) the rest of the table had to be solid and heavy as well.

Scott built the whole thing himself.  My only input was the rough design, stain color and if we were adding a little color to the concrete! Other than that, he did ALL the work.

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For the stain we used an equal mixture of “Gunstock” and “Dark Walnut” by Minwax.  Before the wood was stained a prestain was put on the Pine to help the stain soak in evenly.

The top was probably the biggest hurdle for Scott and I to overcome. I just wanted a flat surface that I could decorate.  I wasn’t very helpful.  Scott decided on a concrete top. While we were at the store I picked up one box of charcoal concrete stain.  That was all they had, otherwise I would have grabbed two since it is one box per bag of concrete and we used two bags of concrete.  However, I am really pleased with how it turned out with just the slight coloring.  I think had I done another box, the top would have been too dark.

Because the table is such a heavy piece, I added a very minimal mirror above it to off set the space. I think it turned out amazing.  I still haven’t fully styled the table as I can’t decide if I want to have a more permanent look, or let it be changed up with the season or holiday. The super cute wreath was made by my friend… If you are interested, contact me and I will get you in contact with Lacie!

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