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A Christmas Tablescape

I have been thinking and thinking about my Christmas table setting since I put up my Christmas stuff. I have been stumped. Pinterest has been helpful, but I have also loved too many different ideas. Almost as if I have too many choices so I can’t decide.

I also realize that I have waited far too long to decide how I want to decorate my table for Christmas dinner… All of the Christmas decor has been picked through and all of the good stuff is gone.

Some of these are affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you buy something from them at no cost to you.

Tuesday I was at Hobby Lobby trying to figure out what chargers to buy for place settings. I was wanting to do pretty red chargers, white plates and black and white buffalo plaid napkins. Well. I cannot get the napkins here before Christmas. Then I saw them. In Hobby Lobby and 50% off… Not as well priced as Amazon…. But I was willing to pay. However, they only had 4. I need 12. Back to the drawing board.

Next up, the black and white buffalo plaid chargers. What, mix up my original idea? I quickly pull items together and make a little place setting on the floor of Hobby Lobby. I am liking this idea. I can get 12 red napkins delivered from Amazon in 2 days for only $15

Then I expand. It keeps getting better. I had ordered a Silhouette Portrait for putting together some name tags for dinners or labels for food at parties. I got to use it on this! My Silhouette came with little pens to write with and I played with those, I love how the names turned out. I added a little ribbon and voila! (Oh la la as Claire says).

Then on Wednesday I was walking around WalMart… I got tasked with buying gifts for my kids from Grandma on Tuesday night. I wander around to the Christmas trees and decor. And there the angels were singing. I found the spot with bristle brush tress. Lots of them. 9 inch tall trees, 6 inch trees… And they were perfectly priced. $2 and $1. I bought all of the ones that matched in both sizes. I knew this was going to be DARLING.

As I walked in to Target the angels sang and I saw the most darling candle holders in the Dollar Spot. Hurry, go grab them before they are gone!

Down to the final details. Isn’t it perfect???

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