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5 Years of LOVE

For the last year I have done a series on Our Story. It has been amazing. I love hearing other’s love stories, I love watching relationships grow, I love LOVE.

Today is special. 5 years ago this very day Scott and I were married. 4 years ago we were sealed as a family for eternity.

I am so grateful that Scott chose to love me, chose to marry me, chose to create a home with me. I am also so in love with Scott. I chose him to be an amazing bonus parent to my two oldest kids. I chose him to be the father of my two younger kids. I loved him so much that I was willing to have more children (that is a lot of love). I love everything that we have created together, a home, a family, traditions, laughter, memories and I look forward to the future that we have ahead of us.

And just so you know, we have our hard times, we have our disagreements. But, we have both been married before. And we choose each other each and every time we have a road bump. Second marriages are more likely to fail than a first marriage is. We don’t want to be a negative statistic, we want to beat the odds and prove society wrong.

Scott, I promise to always choose you. I promise to always love you. Regardless. I love you. Happy 5 years of bliss.

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