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4 Weeks to Read Progress Update

I have to admit something. I have failed at getting further than three lessons in. The first week we did lesson one. It was spring break and I had my big kids home! The second week we worked on the second lesson. Then we were hit. With the stomach bug of death. Each person in our house got it a different night in the middle of the night. Last week I was busy detoxing our home and scrubbing everything down. Therefore I only did lesson 3.

However, Claire recognizes letters M, A, and P. She also knows the sounds they make and several words that start with those letters. And sometimes when she is talking she will stop. She will recognize that she has just said a word that starts with a letter she knows and tell us she just said whatever letter!

I completely realize that Claire is 3 and a half years old, I don’t have to expect her to read in 4 weeks. But, I LOVE seeing that she is getting it and that she is recognizing letters through sounds and on signs. She is building her foundation for reading. Here is hoping I can get my act together soon and have the whole curriculum gone through and to see her succeed even more!

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