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Goals: Why They Are Important

With the start of the New Year we all are thinking of what we want this year to bring. I know I am. And I am really hoping this year goes WAY better than last year.

I love creating a vision board at the start of the year. I usually do it the week between Christmas and New Years because I need something to fill my brain with when I don't even know what day it is! I have loved the vision board the last few years because it's a great visual reminder of what I want in my life.

I have been a big believer in manifesting and goal setting for most of my life. I know for me having a goal to work toward is always helpful. Last year I made goals, and things outside of my control happened where some of those goals didn't make it. But a lot of my goals did happen, just in a round about way. Not the way I anticipated.

One of my good friends said that setting goals and creating a game plan is great, but sometimes those goals come to fruition in an unexpected way.

In 2023 I knew I needed to step back a little bit on planning weddings and events since we had purchased a new business that needed to be a priority. I now know how good it was for me to have the mindset of fewer events for the year. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in May and my life became her caregiver while we navigated doctors appointments and surgeries. I was able to give more time to the new business and my mom and still keep my head above water with events!

This year my goals are very intentional and specific. In fact this coming weekend I am spending it at a hotel with my dear friend, Britanee. We will have all our planners, our calendars, our vision boards, our Goal Genius Kits and will be setting ourselves up for some success this year. Our intention is to plan, organize and create content to help our respective businesses thrive in 2024!

I am so excited to have time to plan and set the intention for my year. I am really looking forward to what I can make happen, the plans I have been formulating and being able to do things I love so much!

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