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Weddings 101: Planning Food

It's been said before, and I'll say it again. Food. Is. Important. It will make or break a party/wedding/event. People always talk about the food.

Example: I have been to many retreats. One that stands out: there wasn't really enough food for the number of attendees. The food wasn't fully cooked. Or it was overcooked. I couldn't tell you anything more about that retreat because the food over shadowed it. Another retreat that I think about often: The food... I can still taste it. It was phenomenal. I still think about it. In fact, I have recommended the chef to weddings I have planned. It was one of the best retreats I have been to.

Your wedding is the same. I even have a couple this year who were not interested in a caterer I mentioned because they didn't like the food at a different wedding they attended.

Let's go over some things you want to remember when planning food for your wedding.


This is not something I recommend. At all. Ever. So many things. You will be spending all the days leading up to your wedding making food. That will not help the day go well. Not to mention - unless you are a professional caterer - you shouldn't. You will be feeding far too many people and if one comes down sick, it will be a disaster.

Not Enough Food

Trust your vendors. They will make the right amount of food for the number of guests you give them. However, please pad your numbers by at least 10. I had a wedding where they did EXACT number of RSVPs. Some family that wasn't planned on showed up and the vendors were not able to eat dinner. I took care of getting them dinner, but it still created a fire I had to put out that could have easily been avoided. Also, plan on feeding your vendors.

Specific Foods

Just because you have a specific choice diet, does not mean that your guests should have to eat it. If you are vegetarian, don't expect your guests to eat a meal with the same meat substitute you want to eat. Create a meal that will be enjoyed, otherwise you are spending money that will be wasted. When it comes to sides and choices, listen to your vendors. If they say something has a less than 50% consumption rate it might not be best to serve it. Again, waste of money. Pick popular, easy to recognize dishes.

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