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Wedding Ideas: The Guestbook

I feel like this is a dreaded conversation. No one wants "the guestbook" of old. And I really don't blame them. Who thought having people sign their name in a little book was a great idea? What is supposed to happen with that book? You just look at it over the years to remember who was there? I don't get it.

So there you have it. I don't want you to do a boring book with signatures in it. It is nothing but impersonal.

Let's get to the good part. Ideas. New ways to create a keepsake.


Print your engagement and dating photos in a book, leave room around the edges for people to write a cute note and sign. Kind of like a yearbook for your wedding! I love these, I always flip through and look at the photos.

Canvas Print

When I saw this, I fell in love with it. The end. They are the most cute thing I have seen. She takes your fingerprints, puts them on the canvas along with your name and date. There is space for all of your people to sign. Then you have art for your new home together and a keepsake to look at.

Advice or Notes

Have a table set with pens, notecards, pre-printed papers for advice. Let people create a keepsake for you. They can write you a letter that is for your eyes only. Have a box for them to leave it in and then take turns reading a note or two over the course of the first year of marriage.

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