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Stitch Fix: A Review

A few weeks ago I did Instagram Stories when I got my Stitch Fix box. I got some SUPER cute things in my box. I wanted to give a good honest review for you in case you haven’t tried. This was my first time with Stitch Fix, sometimes I am on the slow train to trendy things. I seriously just bought my first pair of booties.

When my Stitch Fix came it was super exciting. When I opened the box there was some paperwork. It had cute little cards with their recommendations on how to wear each piece they had picked out. It also came with a return bag to send anything back I didn’t want to keep. There was also a paper with a list of the items I got and how much each cost.

On to the fun part! The clothes. When I signed up for the box I was able to go through my fit and style. You can even add a personal note about things you do and don’t like. For example I wrote that I did not like crew neck tops. I like scoop neck or v-neck. I just feel claustrophobic in crew necks.

My box came. In it there was a white and black striped sweater with a cute patch at the elbows, a navy cardigan, a pair of boot cut jeans, a grey dolman sleeved sweater and a floral patterned silk top.

It is all SO CUTE. The black and white striped sweater had my heart from the moment I saw it. The cardigan was cute, but a little on the eh side for me. I loved everything about the jeans. And the grey sweater had amazing potential. The one that I was most wary of was the floral patterned top. I don’t have a ton of patterns in my closet. However, it is the top I liked the fit of the most.

  1. The black and white striped sweater: I liked it. A lot. I seriously contemplated keeping it. But the price tag was not my favorite. I couldn’t justify the price.

  2. The cardigan: too big in the sleeves and kind of did nothing for me.

  3. The jeans: I loved the fit, I loved the cut. I did not love the length. They were even petite! This is my lot in life. I know that my taller friends are like, at least you can hem them! Yes, I could. But after the price tag and then having to pay to get them tailored… You get my drift. I could go to Madewell and get a pair of jeans and have them tailored for free.

  4. The grey dolman sweater: This did absolutely nothing for me. It just looked like I had on a potato sack. It was soft, it was comfy. I just couldn’t move past the fact that I had wings.

  5. The floral silk top: I LOVED the fit of this top. It was perfect. I felt so pretty in it. The fabric was something I was surprised that I couldn’t handle touching me. And the pattern just wasn’t me. If I could find that top in a solid color I would have gotten in and learned to love the fabric.

I did send everything back. I loved several of the pieces, but there was something that I didn’t love. And that is OK. I have heard as you work with the stylist your boxes become better and better. I can’t wait to see what my next box has inside. I signed up to get one box every quarter rather than each month. April is my next scheduled “Fix.”

Have you tried Stitch Fix? If you haven’t and would like to use THIS link to get $25 in Stitch Fix credit.

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