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Small Farmhouse Pantry Reveal

One Saturday last month I knew I needed to do a pantry clean. You know, the kind that you pull everything out, throw away anything expired, wipe the shelves… The whole 9 yards. School was starting and I wanted to get my pantry back to functional for kids to make school lunches, find snacks… All the things.

I pulled everything out with Courtney’s help. I started cleaning. I started organizing. Then I went to Pinterest. Of course I wanted to see if there was some organization trick that someone had that would work for me. It escalated quickly. The next thing I knew was the shelves we had in the pantry were getting ripped out. The baseboard was coming off. I had food all over my counters and table. There was no way to cook on the stove. I couldn’t see the stove!

I had found a few ideas of what I wanted on Pinterest (of course). I saw THIS one and loved the look of the bead board, black supports and wood. And then I saw another PIN with ideal measurements for spacing the shelves. And we got to work.

We were trying to figure out the “counter height” shelf when Scott suggested that we do a concrete countertop and a shelf under the brackets holding the concrete up. I was instantly on board! Scott even thought ahead and ran an electrical outlet in to the pantry so we could put the microwave in there!

If you remember the concrete entry table Scott built me last year, it is so similar. I am so happy with his idea and the way it pulled the whole pantry together.

I love how everything turned out. I love how much more storage space there is. We will be able to add 2 more shelves to this small space once we get the bottom shelf put in. The walls with the shelves are 4 feet from corner to corner, it is a really small space, but I feel like it has been utilized well.

Stay tuned for more details in a future post!

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