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Shopping for Her Bras

As the mom of a teen girl I have had my fair share of hormones and emotions from someone outside of myself. Going through puberty was really rough, watching someone else go through it is more rough. I feel so much for my mom! Sorry!

When it came time for Courtney to get her first bra we both cried. And all she was comfortable with was a sports bra. We left the store with 3 new sports bras and a lot of tissues.

Had there been a company like Her-Rah at that time we would have had a much better bra buying experience! We both love their mission, “Give a girl the right support and watch her conquer the world”.

Her-Rah was founded by a sweet girl and her mom. They are all about making the best out of that first bra shopping fit to keep communication open and increase the bond between mother and daughter.

Courtney picked out the McKenna bra in nude. We felt it would be perfect for her. One thing Courtney was excited about was the interchangeable straps! She picked out Pacific Print straps. I also got her a mesh bag for washing her delicates. If you don’t have a mesh bag, pick one up. It keeps everything from getting tangled in the wash.

The greatest thing is Her-Rah is giving all of you a discount code! You can get 15% off your entire order using the code “berrynest15”. This code is good through September 15, 2020 so order quickly!

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