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Pumpkin Cookies & Caramel Frosting

Nothing says fall like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I get it. Everyone either loves pumpkin or hates it. I like it in moderation. I make this recipe once every fall and a delicious pumpkin pie (look forward to that post!) at Thanksgiving. This recipe is not going to be a surprise. However, I believe the frosting is what sets these cookies apart from all others!


Sharing these cookies with my neighbors also allows me to have a few and then get them out of my house. When I am sharing them, I love to wrap them up in something pretty and attach a little note.


This recipe makes A LOT of cookies. I think I got 5 dozen cookies made. At least they are delicious! I love to use my Pampered Chef baking stones. The way they keep the heat longer means that the cookies turn out even every time.


Once they are cooked I have to protect the cookies until I can get them all frosted. They are so soft, smell delicious, and taste good even without the frosting.


My tip for frosting the cookies is to keep them on the cooling rack and place the cooling rack on top of parchment paper to catch the mess of the frosting. I wait for the frosting to set before placing the cookies in containers.

I must admit, I got this recipe from my sweet friend Heather Miller. Her love language is delicious food and sharing it with people. That must be another reason I love to share these cookies with others.


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