Preschool Reading Program

This is a sponsored post by 4 Weeks to Read. All thoughts are my own.

Claire is three and a half! In the fall she is starting preschool. I can’t even begin to believe it! Such a bittersweet feeling. A little bit of freedom for both of us. It also comes with the longing for her to stay little just a bit longer. At the end of May she has her little testing for pre-school at our local elementary school. I want her to be as prepared as possible!

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I had heard about a reading program and was very intrigued with it. It is called 4 Weeks to Read. I have a friend (hi Juliana!) who has kids that attend the preschool this was developed in and she loves the curriculum! I was so excited to hear her actual results.

We are starting the program today and I think it will be so fun. I have organized the flash cards, got the songs on my phone and I am excited to see where Claire goes with this! I will be sharing some of our progress as we do it over on Instagram. So follow me there! I will also do an update once we have finished the program in 4 weeks.

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