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Planning Out Food For Thanksgiving

This is something I struggle with. I always have WAY more food than needed, but I think I would rather have it that way than not have enough for everyone. Plus leftovers are always gooooooooddddd.

Depending on how your Thanksgiving day goes will determine the food needed. If you are like I am and do a later official dinner and have an appetizer lunch, you might need a little more food earlier in the day and less at dinner. But let's all get on the same page with desserts, they are always good to have.

Picking out the turkey can be quite overwhelming. How big? What brand? How long will it take to cook? (I answered this question for you)

What sides should you have? How many?

Do I buy boxed dressing or make from scratch?

I created a little cheat sheet for you to plan the best Thanksgiving ever! This sheet will help you know how much food you will need to feed your family, guests and whomever else you invite to dinner.

However, I always plan at least 4 more servings for those who have eyes bigger than their stomachs (uh, Scott, Courtney are you listening?). Plus I love having leftovers for a few days. But then please be gone food.

If you choose to have an earlier dinner you can do appetizers later on as people get snacky later in the evening. And in my mind dessert is good at any point during the day!

Click below to get your free download Cheat Sheet for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 6.14MB

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