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Plan With Me: October

I feel like I just wrote the September version of this post! That means 2022 will be here in no time! Yesterday on Instagram I posted it was time to plan October... Did you start?

October is one of my favorite months, I love the weather change, the leaves changing, the fun fall activities. It's a busy month for sure. This month I am starting out with solid things I know.

1st. 11:45am: Dr Appointment 6pm: Wedding Rehearsal dinner 5-9pm: GNO for Sexy Modest

2nd. 2pm: Pick up bar rental, 3pm: Pick up bridal party, 4-11pm: wedding

5th: Alex Permit Test, Parent Teach Conferences, Meeting with Melanie

7th: The Society

8th: Endocrinologist Appointment

12th: Meeting with Melanie

13th: Minimal Day

14th: Fall Break starts. Claire's Birthday!

19th: Meeting with Melanie

21st: The Society

25th: Meal Plan November, Courtney to Dentist

26th: Meeting with Melanie

30th: Trick-Or-Treating

It may not look like a ton, but there is a lot that goes in to things these days. Especially today and tomorrow!

I am still working on finding a good routine for us during the week. Last month we had an extra toddler (it was so fun) and we didn't get set in to a good chores routine. And when I say we I mean I.

Sunday: Laundry

Social Media Planning

Weekly Planning

Monday: Sweep and Mop (with my favorite Vacuum + Mop)

Put Laundry Away


Tuesday: Bathrooms


Wednesday: Sweep and Mop


Thursday: Clean Basement

Friday: Sweep and Mop

Saturday: Leftover Chores

You may notice I don't have dishes, vacuum, trash and wiping down the kitchen. Those happen, but not by me. My big kids have those 4 as chores. Each does two each day. It rotates and I don't worry about it. We have the rule if you don't do your chores you lose your phone the next day. The end. It sounds mean, but it really isn't. Their chores are how they pay to use the phone I pay for.

If you saw my post last week about our Fall Bucket List, I want to add those things to my calendar. And I have a few others that I need to add as well.

  • Claire's Birthday Party (Either 9th or 16th)

  • Boo-ing the Neighbors (11th)

  • Decorating (it's almost done for fall, just not Halloween)

  • S'mores night out back (29th)

  • Pumpkin Patch (9th)

  • Family Photos - need to be scheduled so bad.

  • Hocus Pocus Movie Night (31st)

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