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Oops! I did it Again

On Saturday I was amazed.

My business partner (more coming I promise) threw one of her incredible dance parties. It was themed “Britney Spears”

I made it to the venue by 3:30 on Saturday afternoon and got started setting up a few last minute things, cleaning up, and making sure the vendors were in the right places. Chelsey and I have the best working relationship that is the perfect balance. The party was incredible.

My favorite soda place was there serving up the best drinks. Those of you outside of Utah or who have never experienced the amazingness that is Sodalicious, come visit me. I will take you. You won’t regret it.

Twisted Sugar did not disappoint either! Their cookies are so so good. I know everyone enjoyed them because they ran out super fast, and they brought over 200 cookies!

A personal favorite was The Jolly Llama and their Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches. The ladies who run Jolly Llama are hilarious and I would probably pee my pants hanging out with them.

I wish you could have been there for the mini-class put on by Erica of Dirtylicious Dance Fitness. She is an incredible dance instructor.

In the middle of Erica’s class Chelsey and I heard there was an accident. We quickly ran to the back of the room and found a sweet girl had been injured. She had dislocated her knee and was in so much pain. I called 911 right away and wishing 2 minutes the ambulance was there. She was whisked off to the hospital and is totally fine now, thankfully. THIS is why you have event insurance. In case something goes wrong.

And here is where Chelsey and I are the same to the core. We immediately got the friends of the injured girl information, we texted them for updates, we refunded them their ticket money, we asked everyone to send good vibes to her.

I also love when I get to see Britanee! She is our photographer and basically my soul mate. She even told Scott that. I love her. She is the best.

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