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My Events: Past

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As I have worked on events in a professional role I have learned that having a portfolio is important. Photos to showcase what you are capable of, reviews to show what your clients think of you, and lessons learned to make better events in the future.


This is the year I decided to take my space on the internet seriously. I worked on multiple events and grew more invested in myself.

Page Summer Soiree

Page Live Event

Modest Shoppin' Movement LIVE

Charcuterie Classes

Dance Parties


The year the world stopped and parties were harder to plan.

West 10th Influencer Event

Sara Sparhawk's 40th Birthday


The year I learned confidence in my abilities.

Will + Alinda

Blaine + Madee

Jameson + Devery

Molly's 34th Birthday

Dustin + Jessica

Zach + Meg

David + Sydney

Rob + Yeeven

Shane's 40th Birthday

Hugo + Kayla

Mixhers Christmas

2022 is already booking up, I have 6 weddings fully booked and underway. Tomorrow I am spending the day talking with all the brides at the Sleepy Ridge Weddings Bridal Open House. I am so close to my goal number of weddings for the year. I am here to win and be part of weddings and parties for a long time to come.

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